Larissa Förster

Session 2 | 09 Nov 2023 | Genocide and Anthropology in Imperial Germany
Representations of Coloniality and Violence in the Movie "Der vermessene Mensch" / "Measures of Men" (Germany 2023, Lars Kraume)
Register here The second session of the digital lecture series Decolonizing Anthropology. A Self-Critical Appraisal of the Current State of Research and Teaching features a digital discussion about the movie Der vermessene Mensch / Measures of Men (Germany 2023; D: Lars Kraume). The film, first introduced at the Berlinale Festival in 2023, sheds light on […]

Whoever’s Right
Remarks on the Debate about Provenance and Return from the Perspective of Social and Cultural Anthropology
by Larissa Förster Translation: Mitch Cohen In the debate about colonial provenances and the restitution of objects from German museums to formerly colonized countries there is always an elephant in the room. The elephant is the law – when we are dealing with a “context of injustice”, the question whether this is or should be […]

Call for reviews of the “Guidelines on Dealing with Collections from Colonial Contexts” issued by the German Museums Association in May 2018
The colonial legacies of German museums have been discussed intensely over the past few years – also in this blog. In September 2016 the German Museums Association established a working group that is looking into the issue of “collections from colonial contexts” and developing guidelines for the care of such collections. In May 2018 the […]

How to move on with Humboldt’s legacy?
Re-thinking ethnographic collections
The Humboldt Forum, which is currently being built in the middle of Berlin within the walls of the reconstructed Prussian Berlin Palace and will be hosting the collections of the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin from 2018, has become a focal point for debates on these matters in Germany. With the withdrawal of art historian Bénédicte Savoy […]