Anna Lisa Ramella

Session 1 | 26 Oct 2023 | Introduction
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Whose Research Ethics?
Some notes between code and conduct
Still image from Circulating Objects – four stories about bocios, © Anna Lisa Ramella, video installation as part of the exhibition Object Biographies, curated by Margareta von Oswald and Verena Rodatus, Humboldt Lab Dahlem 2015. Questions inherent to debates on contested knowledges often circle around authorship, directionality of discourses, and how to make heard a […]

Future-making on Hold
Pandemic Audio Diaries from two Rift Valley Lakes in Kenya
In this post, we share the accounts of our research partners from Lake Baringo and Lake Naivasha in the Kenyan Rift Valley on how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic impacts their lives and livelihoods. In mobile research with mobile people, mobile media have for long taken an important stance in terms of communicating in and with “the […]