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„Witnessing Corona“ is inviting contributions of max 2000 words that address questions of: – Social solidarity and moral blaming – Living a life in social and/or physical isolation – Unequal biosocial and/or psychological vulnerabilities – Political-economic implications for healthcare infrastructures – Historically contingent forms, possibilities, and risks of governmental intervention – And a host of […]

Teaching in the Times of Corona
Structural Inequalities and the Limitations of Online Pedagogy in North East India
The COVID-19 pandemic has gravitated a shift in teaching practices across the world. The fear of contagion and the necessity of social distancing have rendered traditional classroom teaching impossible. Over the last two months, the higher education sector has shifted from the classrooms and campuses to online conferencing applications and discussion forums. Teachers, taking the […]

Paris, a Deserted – Quiet City?
Impressions from France
The Covid-19 epidemic has changed everyday life in Paris dramatically. More so, during the last month since the government announced that France entered the 3rd phase of the epidemic (defined as “sporadic cases or small clusters of disease in humans. Human-to-human transmission, if any, is insufficient to cause community-level outbreaks”) (Pandemics WebMD Medical Reference 2020: 1) […]

“We Cannot Afford to Take Any Risks”
Refugees in Indonesia under Self-Isolation amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
Refugees in Indonesia are stuck in “troubled transit” (Missbach 2015), hoping for resettlement, living in a constant state of uncertainty. Their ‘refugee’ identities are defined by their past traumas and search for a future home. In their present state of indefinite ‘transit’ in Indonesia, they try to adapt by developing a sense of community, setting […]

Limiting Life for an Unlimited Time
A Student’s Perspective
‘It feels like we are in a puzzle. But there are missing pieces, so there is no way to see the whole picture yet. I guess they just forgot to put them in the package’ (a friend, March 2020).   The fear of loose ends Student lives usually have to be quite flexible. We change […]

Shared Isolation and Digital Connectedness in the United States
Viewing the World Through My Timeline On Sunday, 8 March 2020, I scrolled past the following exchange in the “Dixie Chicks Fan Club,” (the name of the group has since changed), a GroupMe group containing 21 students and alumni from the same sports radio club at the University of Michigan.   Image 1: GroupMe Screenshot, […]

The pre-existing vulnerabilities of patients with rare disorders in Poland during a global pandemic
The global race to find a vaccine and effective treatments for COVID-19 has already shown its side effects. In the UK and Poland patients with lupus, a rare, autoimmune disease and patient organizations have raised their concerns about the availability of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine (Boseley 2020; Godlewska 2020). In Poland, chloroquine is solely manufactured by […]

Tea Without Sugar as a Remedy Against Covid-19?
Impressions from Al-Mafaza, Eastern Sudan
Since the first corona case has been announced in Khartoum on 13 March 2020, people have been fairly alarmed. Everybody fears contracting the virus, my concern was a bit different though. Especially when there was a rumor that the Ministry of Education might decide to shut down the schools until further notice. I am a […]

Corona-Ninjas and Corona-Hyenas
COVID-19 Rhetoric in Poland
Each word tastes of the context and contexts in which it has lived its socially charged life… Mikhail Bakhtin (1981:293) Different words and phrases have been invented during the coronavirus pandemic to impose order on the reality that is novel, chaotic, and unpredictable. The vocabulary people deploy in different local, national, and transnational contexts has […]

What’s in a (Welsh) Name?
Local Inflections on Corona Infection
Like other strange phenomena, that arrived with the virus in Europe, it happened in Italy first. People fled the North of the country for the South in the hope of escaping to a safer region. In the UK, the direction of travel has been the other way around, from the South to the more rural […]

Positioniertheit im Gesundheitsnotstand
Wahrnehmungen, Auslassungen und Bewertungen im Kontext von Ebola und Corona
„Es ist wohl auch zu spät. Das Virus hat sich so weit verbreitet, dass es kaum noch hülfe, einzelne Regionen unter Quarantäne zu stellen. Die Gepflogenheiten der Einheimischen haben der Seuche ein leichtes Spiel beschert. Die Regierungen haben zu spät reagiert. Ohne ein massives Eingreifen der Behörden wird die Epidemie nicht zu besiegen sein. Dann […]