The Gender of Ethnographic Collecting
The boasblogs paper no. 3 is now available online

49th Cologne Media Conversations and Master Class
PHOTOGRAPHS AND THE PRACTICE OF HISTORIES by Elizabeth Edwards (De Montfort University)
We kindly invite you to the 49th Cologne Media Conversations of the Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften und Moderne Forschung (MeMO) at the University of Cologne. The lecture will be held this time by esteemed visual and historical anthropologist Elizabeth Edwards on »Photographs and the Practice of Histories«   CMC Master Class, Thursday, 20 January, 6.00 – […]

Lecture: The Museum of Modernity and the End of Archaic Globalization
von Prof. Dr. Erhard Schüttpelz
Cologne Media Lecture No. 48 Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. CET (via zoom, please see PDF announcement for zoom link). Prof. Dr. Erhard Schüttpelz Universität Siegen   The Museum of Modernity and the End of Archaic Globalization The museum for all is a modern invention and no older than the French […]

DCNtR Debate
The Gender of Ethnographic Collecting
It has long been accepted that colonialism had a distinctive epistemic dimension, which was upheld by disciplines such as social anthropology and other knowledge-making projects. Under this colonial episteme, people and human experiences were hierarchically classified according to racial categories and ethnography and ethnographic collecting were key components in these processes. However, the colonial regime […]

Museum Collections in Motion International Conference
July 15-17, 2019, Cologne
Download the conference flyer here Download the detailed conference programme here. Download the poster here.

Presentation – Achille Mbembe on “The Capacity for Truth: Of ‘Restitution’ in African Systems of Thought”
A.W. Amo Lecture 14th November 2018, 18h15, Melanchthonianum XX, MLU, Universitätsplatz 8/9, Halle Achille Mbembe WiSER, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg The Capacity for Truth: Of ‘Restitution’ in African Systems of Thought The lecture will explore some of the meanings attached to the concept and practice of restitution in precolonial African systems of thought. It […]

Call for reviews of the “Guidelines on Dealing with Collections from Colonial Contexts” issued by the German Museums Association in May 2018
The colonial legacies of German museums have been discussed intensely over the past few years – also in this blog. In September 2016 the German Museums Association established a working group that is looking into the issue of “collections from colonial contexts” and developing guidelines for the care of such collections. In May 2018 the […]