Clara Röhrig

VOICES FROM THE CONFERENCE 3 – Visions for the future
An Interview with Wandile Kasibe
[Please find our collected voices from day one here and from day two here.] A very moving Day Two begged the question of how to conclude the conference. From our perspective, the question of how to move on, how to end a meeting like this, remained open. We do not know how the momentum of […]

VOICES FROM THE CONFERENCE 2 – Getting to the core
Interviews with Cynthia Schimming and Amber Aranui
[Please find the collected voices from day one here.] Day two of the conference “Museum Collections in Motion” offered an insight into curating practices from different places. Among others, Malick Ndiaye gave a talk on his work as curator for the Theodore Monod Mueseum of African Art in Dakar, Senegal in which he described the […]

VOICES FROM THE CONFERENCE 1 – Are academics asking the right questions?
Interviews with Ulrike Lindner, Ciraj Rassool, Carmela Thiele, and Christian Kopp
The Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne has an impressive entrance hall: the ceiling is so high that it almost feels like being outside. Glass, dark brick stone walls, a shiny stone floor. For three days the museum is hosting the conference ‚Museum Collections in Motion‘ (15-17 July 2019) that promises ‚colonial and postcolonial encounters‘. The organizers are […]

Beziehungen kollaborativ kuratieren – Von verflochtenen Objekten zu verflochtenen Subjekten
Kommentar zur Ausstellung The Dead as far as [     ] can remember im Tieranatomischen Theater der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, 9.1.2018 – 19.1.2019