We can correct what was done wrong in the past

Voices from the conference 'Museum Collections in Motion‘


Richard Tsogang Fossi: Curatorial research fellow at MARKK-Hamburg (former Ethnological Museum)

Richard TSOGANG FOSSI is a PhD. Holder in the field of Intercultural German and Memory Studies. He received training as DaF-Didaktiker for High Schools level and is also busy as part-time lecturer at the University of Dschang in Cameroon. His fields of research include German colonial period in Cameroon and Germany, the narrativisation of the German colonial history in history textbooks of former German colonies, and Cameroon art treasures from colonial time in Germany. He has had the opportunity to participate in many research projects, such as “(Post-) koloniale Erinnerungstopografien im Rheinland und im Grassland Kameruns – ein transregionales Forschungsprojekt, 2016 and 2017, Düsseldorf (http://deutschland-postkolonial.de/de/koloniale-verbindungen/), and to contribute many book chapters, the latest of which being “The Memory of the German, the French and the English in Cameroonian post-independence narratives”, in Memory and Postcolonial Studies: Synergies and New Directions. Ed. Dirk Göttsche. Oxford, Bern: Peter Lang, 2019; pp. 103-130. His current occupation is Curatorial Research Fellow for the exhibition project “Erfahrung und Erinnerung des Kolonialen. Ein Ausstellungsprojekt für Familien” (2019-2020) at the former Ethnological Museum Hamburg (MARKK).