Jan Heidtmann

Using a Machine with a Humane Motivation? What Is the Contribution Digital Strategies Can Make Towards Museum Decolonisation and Recognition of the Global Interweavings?
A Report about Conceiving a Web Portal on Decolonisation, Restitution, and Repatriation within the State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony (SES)
Decolonisation is a process without a singular solution or an easy answer. Rather, we, the curators of the new web portal of the State Ethnographic Collections of Saxony (SES)[1], perceive it as a multi-vocal and violent process which we attempt to push forward by means of this platform. As museums still tend to attract an […]

Curating Relationships Collaboratively – From Intertwined Objects to Intertwined Subjects
Sorry, this contribution is currently only available in German. It will be translated into English soon.