Ciraj Rassool

2018-2023. 5 Years of Making and Debating Restitution
Cologne Crossroads Conversation No. 1 with Bénédicte Savoy (Berlin) and Ciraj Rassool (Cape Town) - Livestream on Dec 6 at 6pm
The conversation will be bilingual (English/German). Watch it live on December 6, 2023 at 6pm here: For over 100 years, societies in the Global South have been fighting for the return of confiscated and looted cultural objects and human remains that are stored and researched in Europe. The speech by French President Emmanuel Macron in […]

Towards the Anticolonial Museum
Dan Hicks and Ciraj Rassool talk about the failure of ethnographic museums in the Global North and the need to rethink them in anticolonial terms. Together with Nanette Snoep and Nina Möntmann, they explore the notions of white infrastructures and necrographies that Dan emphasizes in his latest book, The Brutish Museums. This interview is part […]

Create a new ethical footing and relate to historical injustices
Voices from the conference 'Museum Collections in Motion‘
  Ciraj Rassool: Historian, University of Western Cape, Cape Town Since 2015: Fellowship, Morphomata Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Cologne Since 2009: Professor of History at the University of Western Cape 2005 -2008: Associated Professor; History, University of Western Cape 1999 -2004: Senior Lecturer, History, University of Western Cape 1989 -1998: […]