The blog Fieldwork meets Crisis is part of the DGSKA Autumn School, which takes its starting point in the current pandemic moment, which substantially affects our discipline. (Field) research cannot be conducted or changes significantly, the mobility of researchers is limited, physical proximity on-site is replaced by online contacts, planning security gives way to uncertainty. Even if corona-induced changes in ethnographic research will (hopefully) not remain a permanent condition, they provoke important questions and discussions that go beyond the pandemic moment and remain relevant for social and cultural anthropology as a discipline. Research takes place in contemporary data-saturated life worlds and demands to enquire into the social consequences of digitization and its methodological and epistemological impact.

In their blog posts, the participating researchers give insight into challenges and opportunities of ongoing research in times of the pandemic, and document not only pandemic field sites, but also current theoretical debates and emerging fields of anthropological research.


Editorial Team:

Andrea Behrends (University of Bayreuth), Mirko Göpfert (Goethe-University, Frankfurt a.M.), Thomas Kirsch (University of Konstanz), Minh Nguyen (University of Bielefeld), Anna Lisa Ramella (University of Cologne), Magnus Treiber (Ludwig-Maxiliams-Universität, Munich), Thomas Stodulka (Freie Universität, Berlin), Asta Vonderau (Martin-Luther-University, Halle-Wittenberg), Martin Zillinger (University of Cologne)