Session 3 | 16 Nov 2023 | Meanings of Decolonization

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This week’s lecture by Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni will focus on:

1. Introduction: Contemporary politics of knowledge and challenging questions
2. What fundamentally is colonialism? Episodic vs. the epic school on colonialism
3. The three empires: physical, commercial, and cognitive
4. The consequences of the cognitive empire
5. The meanings of decolonization/decoloniality
5. What is to be done?


Further readings:
Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni (2021) The cognitive empire, politics of knowledge and African intellectual productions: reflections on struggles for epistemic freedom and resurgence of decolonisation in the twenty-first century, Third World Quarterly, 42:5, 882-901, DOI:

Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni (2023): Intellectual imperialism and decolonisation in African studies, Third World Quarterly, DOI: 10.1080/01436597.2023.2211520

Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni is Professor and Chair of Epistemologies of the Global South with emphasis on Africa and the Vice-Dean of Research at the Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence at University of Bayreuth. He is Professor Extraordinarius at the Department of Leadership and Transformation in Principal and Vice-Chancellor Office at University of South Africa and Professor Extraordinarius at the Centre for Gender and African Studies at University of the Free State in South Africa.